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Targeted help and individual support for people with ASD.

Bild, Autismushelfer, Autismus-Therapeut

Contemporary support for everyone.

More than 15 years of competence and experience

For more than 17 years, I have been supporting families, schools, colleges, and youth agencies by providing help for autism spectrum diseases.

After my music school studies (concert guitar, electric guitar) I worked for 6 years in the child- and adolescent psychiatric hospital in Berlin - Frohnau, Germany, in the areas of acute psychiatry and forensics.

De-escalation, impulse control disorders and the mediation of skills in emotion regulation have been the topics I focused on.

During this time I also obtained my state recognition at the "Friedrich Fröbel" college for social studies.

The topic of my final dissertation considered the "possibilities and limits of supporting children with autism with the use of applied behavior analysis (ABA)“.

I then acquired further qualifications and certifications in experiential education and concentration trainings.

Since 2008 I have been working as a freelancer in the fields of music and social education with children and young people with autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. - Targeted help for autistic disorders

As an autism therapist, I support people with autism and their social environment. I analyze behavioral patterns, optimize learning environments and give emotional trainings as well as concentration trainings.

As a passionate musician, it is essential for my work to integrate creative, educational and musical elements.


Despite the increasing acceptance and openness of support in the area of ​​autism spectrum disorders, I keep noticing that affected people and families always have to face the same hurdles:

  • The diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder often raises more questions than answers

  • Due to a lack of education and information on the subject of autism therapies, families often feel left alone

  • Effective help for people with autism spectrum disorders must always be individually tailored

  • Unfortunately, it often takes months or years between the initial diagnosis and getting the appropriate help


This is where comes in and supports you by developing new perspectives.

Teamwork & Cooperations

Together we achieve more. As a steadily growing team, we are always happy about your interest in offering help and competent reinforcement. 


Many thanks to those who support us directly and indirectly in making our service even better and more effective., Dr. Madeleine Ehmke, nutritionist, project manager

Ms. Dr. oec. troph. Madeleine Ehmke

Nutritionist and project manager

  • Our contact person for nutritional advice

  • Project planning

  • Process design and optimization, Catharina Thomas, systemic therapy, family therapy, trauma therapy

Mrs. Catharina Thomas

Systemic family therapist and curative teacher

  • Analysis, advice and coaching under the aspects of systemic therapy

  • Trauma counseling and therapy, Christine Peisker, autism therapy, autism therapist

Ms. Christine Peisker

Autism therapist, social worker

  • Our contact person for specific case discussions

  • Applied behavior analysis and advice, Ivana Kardum, online tutor for english and croatian, interpreter

Ms. Ivana Kardum

Interpreter, online tutor for English and Croatian

  • Administration and maintenance of our English-language pages and services

  • Translation of educational materials

Feedback from families & cooperation partners

Thank you for your trust in our very personal cooperation.
We are always happy to receive constructive feedback, suggestions and criticism.

Nice suggestions and materials

“As a family with an autistic child, we initially found it difficult to tell our "story" to anyone. After the diagnosis, we first contacted the responsible youth agency and ended up on a waiting list.
In the meantime we came across the Autismushelfer website and asked for help. We got very well advised and received great suggestions and materials. 
Thank you again!”

Family K.


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