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Get comprehensive autism support tailored to your personal situation. We would be happy to advise and guide you. Individually and practically oriented.

The assumption of all costs is generally covered by your youth- or social welfare office. We are at your disposal for any questions or assistance regarding the contacts and financing

Initial autism consulting

Unfortunately, the diagnosis of autism or autism spectrum disorder often only involves an explanation of the behavioral problems and individual characteristics. The WHY is clear. However, there is a lack of information and options for further help, the different approaches to help, funding options as well as financial aid by youth welfare offices, social welfare offices and health insurance companies.   

We would be happy to advise you on the various topics. Together we will discuss your situation and provide information about funding and financing options. Use the "Appointment request" contact field to briefly describe your personal situation. We will get back to you and set an appointment, during which we will clarify general and specific questions.

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Topics of our initial consultation 

  • Diagnosis autism and what it means

  • Differences between Asperger's syndrome, Early Childhood Autism, Atypical Autism

  • Ways of support available

  • Places to go and get help

  • Ways to cover the costs

  • Consideration of individual therapeutic approaches after the diagnosis

  • The basic supports (analyzing behavior, interpreting difficulties correctly, developing strategies)

  • Advice on further help & financing

  • Duration approx. 25 min. via phone / online meeting

  • 100% assumption of costs by youth- and social welfare offices possible


Individual support

People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often have difficulty applying what they have learned and experienced to similar situations. In ordinary everyday life situations, many hurdles have to be overcome again and again.

For those affected and their families, there are constantly recurring challenges; be it the daily routine in the morning, getting dressed, the way to school, the planned family vacations, changing one's favorite clothes due to growth and the season, or becoming independent in one's personal development.


Although there is no "universal recipe" that works preventively in advance, there are similarities in the behavioral problems. Here we offer our help and years of experience. Together we will analyze the specific situations, develop an individual plan, provide the needed support and help you with gradual implementation.

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Topics included in our individual support

  • Individual case analysis: ways to help your autistic child; strengthening you as a family

  • Dealing with behavioral patterns: clothing, nutrition, rituals, everyday challenges, excursions, holiday planning

  • Properly motivating: recognizing and using reinforcers

  • Problems at school: being different, bullying, motivation, cooperating with teachers

  • Choosing new ways: constructive changes, development of new motivation plans and visual stimulation including gradual introductions, support, evaluation

  • Social skills training: understanding social relationships, emotions and reactions about yourself and others, specific exercises on individual topics

  • Daily / weekly online coaching appointments of 45 minutes each

  • Flexible time frame due to your individual needs. Together we’re planning and developing the supporting process

  • 100% assumption of costs by youth- and social welfare offices possible

Individuelle Hilfe

Educational materials

Visual stimulation in the form of picture cards, daily plans, comic strips or worksheets often supports the exchange of information among children and adults with autism spectrum disorder more than expected. Much of it can also be tinkered and customized at the same time. 

In everyday life, however, there is often a lack of time or inspiration. As part of our autism therapies and years of cooperation with those affected and parents, we have developed great materials on a wide variety of topics. We provide you with these proven templates on the subject of autism free of charge and give you tips on how to implement them. 

Check back here regularly and discover great new ideas. Have fun trying them out. If you are looking for something specific, feel free to contact us.

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Suggestions & educational materials

  • Different daily and weekly plans, motivation plans

  • Therapy materials (comic strips and stories, situation cards, print templates, digital materials for working on a PC or a tablet)

  • Theme-specific suggestions for handicrafts

  • We can also provide you with personalized learning stories and help you find or create suitable materials. Just leave us a message.


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