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Get specific support on the subject of autism.

Simple, personal and individual.

Cost assumption by youth and social welfare offices

In the case of an autism diagnosis or suspected autism, you are generally entitled to get support from the youth and social welfare office, responsible for your region. If you are interested, we will be happy to help you get in touch with your local contact point.

We are looking forward to hearing from you to discuss the possibilities of state financing according to your specific situation.

Non-binding and without hidden costs. 

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17 years of experience and  competence

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a very complex subject. In addition to the generally known signs, there is a much wider range of specific difficulties.

It is not uncommon for many months or years to pass between the first signs and a final diagnosis.

With the diagnosis of autism, only the WHY of the autistic disorder is clarified, but not the NEXT WHAT.

Finding and initiating suitable help is often tedious. Whether Asperger's Syndrome, early childhood - or atypical autism, there is a lack of suitable measures and capacities in many places.

What follows is a waiting process that costs valuable time and brings with it further uncertainties. Despite the flood of information on the Internet and other media, those affected and their families face major challenges and questions during this time.

This is where comes in. Our aim is to clarify, explain and guide you through the helping process. We offer individual advice and implement new ways, tips and tricks in order to help you deal with daily challenges.

Autism diagnosis, now what?

The diagnosis of autism often raises many other questions that need to be sorted out first.
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Autism diagnosis

On the one hand the diagnostic result creates clarity but often also brings with it a multitude of questions, fears and blockages. 

We organize the chaos and help you with the next steps.

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First steps, new ways

Develop individual strategies that overcome shock and introduce new solutions.

Together we analyze your situation, develop support plans and assist you with the implementation.

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Covering costs

There are many ways to fund autism-specific services. Youth- and social welfare offices, as well as health insurance companies support those affected and their families. We advise you on the assumption of costs.

Get help & advice

If you’re looking for quick and accessible advice on the subject of autism, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Choose the one that suits you best from our various offers and book your appointment directly online.

Promptly. Without long waiting lists.  

Our services

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Initial consulting 

  • Explaining ASD

  • Considering individual therapeutic approaches after the diagnosis

  • Basic starting points (analyzing behavior, interpreting difficulties correctly, developing new strategies)

  • Advice on further help & financing

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Individual support

  • Personal analysis: what helps your child? What strengthens you as a family?

  • Dealing with behavioral patterns: clothing, nutrition, rituals, everyday challenges, excursions, vacation planning

  • Motivating correctly: recognizing and using reinforcers

  • Problems at school: being different, bullying, motivation, working with teachers

  • Discovering new ways: constructive changes, developing new motivation plans and visual stimulation, including gradual introductions, support, evaluation

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Educational material

  • Individual planning (daily and weekly plans, motivation plans)

  • Therapy materials (comic strips and stories, situation cards, print templates, digital materials for working on a PC or a tablet)

  • Theme-specific suggestions for handicrafts

  • On request we can also personalize learning stories and help you find or create suitable materials. Just leave us a message.

Topics that we encounter every day

We would be happy to advise you on the "usual suspects".
Topics that affect people with autism spectrum disorder, as well as parents and relatives.
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Icon zum Thema: Gefühlstraining Autismus
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Social Contact

It all depends on the right approach. Communication is not just limited to words. Visual stimulation such as pictures, situation cards and comic strips help to exchange information in a specific manner.

Understanding and recognizing emotions of yourself and others isn’t easy. Feelings can often be only clearly recognized at their maximum. Emotional trainings clarify and promote emphatic understanding.

Making contact, finding friends, expanding the social network.
Special interests, no matter how unusual they may seem, can be a good basis for establishing social contacts.


Reviews from other families

Autism-specific help is very complex.
We’re looking forward to supporting you individually and practically.

Highly recommend! 

“...and suitable for everyday use.
We received great useful tips that we can now implement at home with simple means. Thank you very much!״ 

Jens M.


Surprisingly good

“At first I was skeptical: How is online counseling supposed to help us with this topic?! However, we were taught better.
Thank you also for your patience ;)״ 

Sonja S.


With heart and brain

“We know Mr. Ebel from supporting us back in the days. Our son and we as a family have benefited greatly from his support through many years. He’s in it wholeheartedly״ 

Familie Th.

Märkische Schweiz

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We are happy to support you.
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