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Small notes, big impact

Visual schedules for on the go.

As a part of visual aids, visual schedules help to illustrate agreements and processes and should be clear and comprehensible.

Security through structure

If people with ASD lack structure in certain situations, stress-related symptoms of overload and failure can occur. Reactions range from uncertainty and refusal to tantrums.

In order to create a forward-looking overview and thus security in these frequently recurring situations, visual schedules, often also called daily plans, help. However, they can also be specifically adapted to individual situations.

The small visual overviews also support the internalization and independence of new processes (dressing up alone, personal hygiene, etc.

Create structure

By visually designing small cards or sticky notes, you create the required structure and security.

The overviews can rather be designed in pure image or text form as well as in combination of the two.

Application examples include:

  • Daily routine as an overview

  • Individual situations (dressing, packing school bags, washing clothes)

  • Personal hygiene

  • Planning trips / holidays

​Our tip: In everyday life we ​​often lack the time and the material for extensive handicraft activities.

Working on a computer is sometimes more difficult than on a piece of paper.

The so-called post-its, brightly colored notes that can be freely designed with ease, are suitable for such cases. They can be quickly and clearly adapted to the respective processes (morning routine, body care, brushing teeth, etc.) and set up or attached anywhere with the help of a cork board (enclosed in a picture frame).

On vacation or on excursions they can be also quickly expanded and adjusted accordingly.

If you need further help or coaching on the use and adaptation of visual aid, please write to us. You can find an overview to print out or download in our Materials section or at the end of this article.

Best regards

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