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Visualize situations and processes

Tips for using situation cards.

In everyday life we ​​often find ourselves in stressful situations or in situations in which many distracting factors come together.

Crowds, traffic noise, loud conversations, telephone calls or background noise do not make it easy for us to concentrate on the essentials. We get easily distracted.

People with autism are more sensitive

People with ASD usually react much more sensitively to these "distractors". Even relatively quiet noises, such as the clattering of dishes or the crackling of paper, can lead to distraction. Visual stimuli such as sunshine or flickering lamps can also impair attention.

Familiar situations can quickly become muddled.

Confidence through visualization

Situation cards help to focus in everyday situations where there are many disturbing or exciting factors.

The visual overview creates the needed structure to clarify actions step by step. The independence and the internalization of new processes are also supported.

Small-step processes, such as going to toilet or shopping in a store, can be displayed as well as complex task content, for example the whole morning routine.

Pocket-sized assistance

In their size of a credit card they are easily accessible when needed but also available as a photo on your smartphone at any point. Over time, a small "calming" and transportable collection of cards can be created and provide an easy access whenever you need them.

​Our tip: You can easily do the design yourself. Discarded customer cards or cards from advertising brochures are particularly suitable for designing.

Even if you don't have a printer, you can draw your graphic designs on self-adhesive labels and then stick them on accordingly. It's even easier with a laminator, which can also be used in many other handicraft projects on the subject of "visual aids for people with autism“.

Do you need more tips on making and using situation cards? Please send us an email.

You can find an overview to print out or download in our Materials section as well as at the end of this article.

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